IndicaVape Cartridges

Physically, these plants typically grow short and wide. When Indica is smoked it produces a strong ‘body’ high that can make an individual happy and very relaxed, as well as experience other positive feelings. It is commonly smoked in the evening or before bed.

Strain Specific Medical & Retail Vapor Cartridges

Can't process your own oil??  Have us do it for you! Cannxtracts is able to offer Medical and Retail Bulk Oil and Premium Distillate Oil in quantities to meet your demand.

Choose between Winterized and Un-Winterized oil options.  

We can also continue our characteristic Strain-Specific production for bulk oil as needed. 

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SativaVape Cartridges

Physically, these plants tend to grow tall and thin. The high produced from smoking Sativa is considered to be much more uplifting as part of a ‘cognitive’ or ‘mind’ high. A Sativa high can lead to periods of energetic activity and creativity.

Medical                                 Retail

CX CO2 Oil Syringes are filled with uncut, fully activated CO2 Oil for all the serious CO2 Oil enthusiasts out there.  This CO2 Oil Syringe is Strain-Specific and easy to use.

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Medical                                 Retail


Medical                                 Retail

CX CO2 Oil Syringes

Cannxtracts originally focused production on a single product line; vapor cartridges. Now available in Medical and Recreational markets, the vapor cartridges produced by Cannxtracts come in strain-specific Indica, Sativa and Hybrid offerings. All of our strains are available in 250mg and 500mg options. 

We are able to offer extremely efficient delivery of product ordered and are able to offer trim-trade deals on buy-back and 50/50 offerings. Our proprietary production techniques have been refined and calibrated to provide the smoothest taste and are consistently of the highest quality.

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HybridVape Cartridges

Hybrids contain combinations of both Sativa and Indica strains. Because Sativa and Indica have different medicinal benefits and impacts when consumed, it is a feasible a consumer of hybrid products will experience effects and benefits of both when taken.