Premium CO2 Distillate Cartridges

CX CO2 DISTILLATE Oil Syringes are filled with full-spectrum CO2 derived Distillate oil for all the Oil enthusiasts out there. High in THC but also containing any number of minor cannabinoids such as CBC, THCV, CBG and CBN, with no artificial additives, this oil is perfect for the full entourage effect. The food-grade syringe with applicator is easy to use for multiple applications. 

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CX CO2 Distillate Oil Syringes

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CX CO2 Oil Syringes

CX CO2 Oil Syringes are filled with uncut, fully activated CO2 Oil for all the serious CO2 Oil enthusiasts out there.  This CO2 Oil Syringe is Strain-Specific and easy to use.

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CX CO2  Bulk Oil

Horizon CO2 Distillate Oil Cartridges by Cannxtracts combine ultra-premium CO2-derived distillate with Strain Specific Cannabis Terpenes for all the serious Cannabis enthusiasts out there. Forget the artificial, non-cannabis vapes with made-up profiles. Horizon brings the consumer a true plant-to-smoke experience with strains like SuperBoof, Grape Gas, Sumo Grande, Red Headed Stranger, Lemdog and more!

Each cannabis plant has its own unique terpene profile. Imagine a world where you buy a ‘Durban Poison’ vape cart and it actually contains Durban Poison terpenes! Well now you can. Through CO2 sub-critical extraction, Horizon uses terpenes that are the closest to the plants they were pulled from. Reintroducing those terpenes with premium distillate in 1 gram cartridges gives consumers a live-resin experience for the price of a distillate cartridge. 

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Can't process your own oil??  Have us do it for you! Cannxtracts is able to offer Medical and Retail Bulk Oil and Premium Distillate Oil in quantities to meet your demand.

Choose between Winterized and Un-Winterized oil options.  

We can also continue our characteristic Strain-Specific production for bulk oil as needed. 

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