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Cannxtracts is ecstatic to partner with Logo On.  Logo On has been Promotional Product Consultants since 2006, based in Colorado with clients nationwide. They  provide extremely competitively priced promotional products for all of Cannxtracts' needs.  If you want to effectively and creatively market your brand, then contact these guys!


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We believe that the best partners in business are those that work with you to create solutions and maintain lifelong relationships for mutual benefit. Part of our belief is using locally sourced materials and working with our neighboring companies to fulfill our own mission.

Cannxtracts is powered by state of the art extraction machines, provided by Isolate Extraction Systems ( IES is a locally based company with a National reach, bringing high quality, medical-grade extraction tools to market and raising the bar for hydro-extraction equipment and its operation.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is heavily used in indoor cultivation facilities, well known to speed up the crop cycle by enhancing growth of the plants. Green CO2 Systems ( is the industry leader in the safe and innovative provision of CO2 to marijuana cultivations throughout Colorado and beyond. Cannxtracts is pleased to partner with Green CO2 Systems for its CO2 critical extraction machines. 

LowSpark, Inc.

Cannxtracts has partnered with one of the leading relationship management firms in the Cannabis industry.
Their vast network of nationwide contacts, fluid understanding of a commodities marketplace, and ability to sustain long-term relationships are a few attributes that make them an an asset in the distribution of Cannxtracts' products all over Colorado.