We use only the finest, organically-grown ingredients, selected from a group of approved vendors. We monitor our extractions from beginning to end and you as a customer can always be sure you know exactly what went into your product.

Our terpene extract is pure-CO2 derived. Strain-specific terpene profiles give our customers a multitude of options for any Vape-pen line, edible or other consumer-good.

All of our equipment and operating procedures are documented, regulated and accredited and our products are lab tested – ensuring you receive the safest and most natural goods in the cannabis consumer market.

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About Us


Cannxtracts, LLC started as and remains a CO2-extract lab. Running sub or super-critical CO2 extraction provides the base for the healthiest and most natural THC-rich oil in the State.

Our proprietary techniques and knowledge allow us to create the finest looking and testing crude and winterized CO2 oil you will find in Colorado.

Refining those oils to their purest form; our distillate is clear, pure, clean and devoid of smell or unpleasant appearance one may find in lesser quality extractions.