Company Profile

Vision, Mission & Values​

To be the industry leader in the production and delivery of only the highest-quality marijuana infused products.

We are committed to elevating the standards and quality in the marijuana infused product industry, continually enhancing customer experiences and promoting innovative solutions in a revolutionary market.


  • Create products that are economically sustainable using the highest-quality natural and organic ingredients available.
  • Combining the use of cutting edge technologies with tried and tested business practices.
  • Employing and nurturing the development of passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable employees.
  • Providing a satisfying and rewarding work environment while being a part of the community we exist in. 
  • Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers and retail partners.
  • Promoting the health and well-being of our consumer stakeholders through education, enlightenment and inclusion in the marijuana industry.

David Neale
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
A former law enforcement officer with over 10 years experience in the UK and America, David has been brought to Cannxtracts to ensure a strong compliance and regulatory presence as the industry moves towards nationally recognized standards.
Having moved to Colorado in 2015, David also worked extensively with another Colorado company; Green CO2 Systems, to enhance their standing, reputation and safety record in the industrial gas industry.
David has exceptional organizational and operational skills and experience and is using them to elevate Cannxtracts’ business operations to the next level.

Brian Ferratto

Owner / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Brian Ferratto, originally from New York, moved to Colorado in 2014. He has been one of the nation’s leading contractors for the past 30 years. Brian’s specialty is in large, complex multi-state projects, but he has an unflinching eye for detail – a profound skill that has brought celebrity clients such as Sony Studios, Mariah Carey and Harry Connick Jr. His ability and experience has led to a reputation in the industry among the very best. 

Brian saw the potential of the Cannxtracts brand when he first took over Management in 2015. Now the Owner of Cannxtracts, he has brought his business knowledge and work ethic, man-management and compliance know-how to build Cannxtracts into an industry and national leader in the extraction field.


In 2015, Brian Ferratto took over management to refocus Cannxtracts’ business model. The drive, business knowledge and industry expertise led to the creation and production of the smoothest, highest quality cannabis oil in the industry. Today, Brian Ferratto is the owner of Cannxtracts and continues to carry out the vision he began.

Streamlining production to a single product line has allowed Cannxtracts to hone its processes and natural ingredients to produce superior Sativa, Indica and Hybrid based oils for use with Vaporizer Pens.



Leadership Team

At Cannxtracts we believe that the use of marijuana is a healthier medical alternative. Medical Marijuana in all its forms has the power to drastically help with any number of ailments and improve the quality of one’s life. We also believe that a natural and more consistent product is safer and will provide the maximum benefit to any individual.

Cannxtracts is based in Boulder and the spirit of Colorado is embbeded in its beliefs, employees and partners. We believe that the strides Colorado has taken in leading the marijuana legalization movement is revolutionary. As the benefits of this remarkable plant are realized on an ever growing platform, Cannxtracts aims to ensure that everyone has access to the highest quality products in the market.